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List your cars on our inventory, get access to thousands of additional quality resellers and brokers to connect you with your buyers quicker. Well do all the legwork, you just provide the cars. Our brokers are affiliates, experienced sales professionals, middlemen, everyday working people, your next door neighbour who keep their eyes and ears out for the best car deals and get rewarded

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Enjoy the benefits of becoming a merchant on affilCars. Sell faster, smarter and quicker, drive up your sales and expand your business risk free 


Access To Thousands of Brokers And Resellers

Access to a full service sales team without the payroll and operational costs. 


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Increase sales with a homepage feature, email broadcast or featured listing to reach more resellers quicker


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You can sell and have your cars promoted across all states from wherever you are

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We’ll only charge you a Broker Fee if we sell your car. You decide how much 

…even with our fees, you’ll be saving money + time and stress

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Plans that start free and grow with your needs

Frequently Asked Question

Learn more about being a broker

The price listed on your car should be the dealer price + broker commission. 

Commission value should be stated clearly on each listing and to be paid to the broker/reseller via affilCars.

The annual plan is ideal for dealers, this gives you unrestricted access to post as much cars as you have in your inventory 

Yes you can. You have the option of hiring our top performing brokers or agency to actively work for you or on a car you have for sale. To find out more please send an email to agency@affilbase.com 

Commissions are paid out once sales confirmation have been made, commissions are to be processed via affilCars. An invoice will be generated for each sale. 

The best cars for broking have high demand and low to medium prices. For example, some brokers chose to sell popular car brands like Toyota or Honda. Brokers might also choose more trendy cars like Mercedes Benz, Lexus etc. There are restrictions on car types or models on affilCars

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